Enjoy flying in a carefree way.

The CYBER 4 combines the best characteristics of its forerunner CYBER 2+ and the innovation of the actual glider generation. We believe the CYBER 4 is the perfect schooling- and beginner glider. It is extremely easy to start and takes the pilot smoothly and securely into the air.

With its gentle steering forces the stable canopy it ensures a trusting and relaxing feeling whilst flying. In comparison to the CYBER 2+ the handling is much more free-moving and the glider therefore more flexible. In turbulent air it absorbs reliably all turbulences and evens out pilots mistakes gently.

The beginner can put all his trust in this glider. With the new EN-certification A the glider is qualified for schooling and even more secure then its forerunner. A particular highlight is the differentiate offset of the profile in the canopy to avoid a stable spiral.

The sportive wing shape, the fresh colours combined with the modern and elegant wing design give the CYBER 4 a very attractive appearance.

The CYBER 4 is the easiest way to enjoy flying in a carefree way.

Target group: For all beginners with little or intermediate flight experience with the desire to get maximum security.
Easy to fly beginners glider with improved handling and efficient and easy to operate aids to descend quickly.

Delivery includes: Paraglider with back pack, speed system, manual and either: Windsock, T-Shirt or hip bag.